Case  Type  Status / Next Event Due Date Notes
Martel v. Healey Challenge to the state's ban on the possession of stun guns and Tasers Defendant's Response 04/27/2017  PI Filed 3/30/2017
Worman v. Baker Challenge to the state's assault weapons ban Motions Due 12/15/2017  Trial on or around May 2018 
Storm v. Erikson
(Gardner PD)
Illegal search and seizure of property - firearms Status Conference 05/31/2017 MSJ due 6/30/2017 
Weng v. Evans License Restrictions Hearing on Boston's motion to dismiss 03/06/2017 05/4/2017 - Status Conferences
11/03/2017 - Dispositive Motions
11/24/2017 - Opposition Motions
Celona v. Erikson 
(Gardner PD)
Unlawful license denial, warrantless property seizure  Under advisement TBD Decision pending
  Morin v. Leahy (CA1) 'Misdafelony'  Hearing scheduled 05/02/2017 Panel TBA



Case  Type  Result  Close Date Notes
 Batty v. Albertelli License Restrictions (Right-to-Carry)   "In short, the policy that requires applicants to show a specific reason to fear in order to be issued unrestricted firearm licenses, and its authorizing statute, are constitutional." 02/24/1017 Opinion
Hunt v. Moore 
(Holliston PD)
Burden shifting  Case dismissed after Holliston relented and issued a license.  Case is moot.  08/12/1016 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal 
Draper v. Healy (CA1) AG handgun regulations  Loss in the First Circuit Court of Appeals. 06/17/2016  Opinion
Caetano v. Massachusetts
(SCOUTS amicus)
Stun gun prohibition Charges dropped after Caetano's conviction was vacated by the US Supreme Court, mooting the case.  No rehearing by the SJC.   06/30/2016  
  Celona v. Scott  License denial  Mixed.  License issued but court ruled the case moot. 04/08/2016 Order
 Jarvis v. Village Vault  (CA1) Bonded warehouse  Loss - no state action on part of defendant 10/30/2015 Order
 Veader v. Trombetta   Licensing delay Win!  Order for default judgement entered  09/21/2015 Decision
 Richmond v. Peraino  License denial WIN!!!  09/11/2015 Decision
Davis v. Grimes   License Restrictions  Dismissed, police departments changed policies and all plaintiffs received unrestricted LTCs 06/17/2015  
Henderson v. US (SCOTUS amicus)        
Gemme v. Holden (SJC amicus        
 Comm v. Caetano (SJC amicus)        
 Ngo v. Evans        
Wesson v. Fowler    Win!!