Morin v. Lyver

Federal District Court for Massachusetts

Challenge to the lifetime licensing ban due to a  non-violent misdemeanor conviction
Filed July 18, 2018

Morin v. Lyver is a follow up challenge to the lifetime ban on the issuance of a License to Carry to anyone conviction of a minor, non-violent misdemeanor if the offense involves a weapon or ammunition and where a term of imprisonment may be imposed. 

There years ago Comm2A and Alfred Morin filed a similar case against then Northborough Police Chief Mark K. Leahy.  That case was dismissed when the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Morin lacked standing to bring such a challenge because he failed to apply for the 'least restrictive' license that would allow him to possess a handgun in his home.  Despite clear statutory language to the contrary, the court determined that Morin could possess a firearm in his home had he only applied for a Firearms Identification Card (FID) and a Permit to Purchase (PTP).  

Dr. Morin has since applied for and was issued a Firearms Identification Card .  However his application for a Permit to Purchase was denied.   

Mr. Morin once again represented by Worcester, Massachusetts attorney J. Steven Foley


Complaint filed