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Whether you've been denied a Massachusetts firearms license, had other firearms related legal problems or if you just have a question we'd like to hear from you.  We can often answer simple questions and help you to understand your rights. If you legal advice you should contact a qualified attorney.  Comm2A works with a number of local attorneys.  Please visit our attorney listing

If you were denied a license, READ THIS FIRST: 

You can be denied a License to Carry for several reasons.  However, license denials fall into one of two categories:  statutory denials and suitability denials.  Your options for dealing with a license denial depend entirely upon why you were denied. 

Statutory denials are issued when the applicant is barred by law from obtaining a license.  Common statutory disqualifiers include past convictions for felonies, violent crimes, 'gun' crimes, and juvenile adjudications for offenses that would be adult disqualifications.  Since 1994, Massachusetts convictions for operating under the influence also make someone ineligible for a firearms license because OUI now carries the possible punishment of up to 2-1/2 years in prison for a first offense.  Massachusetts OUI convictions also create a federal prohibition on the possession of firearms or ammunition.  

Suitability denials are issued when the licensing authority of a city or town makes a (usually subjective) determination that someone is not a 'suitable person' to be issued a license to carry firearms. 

Comm2A is interested in helping anyone who has been denied a firearms license understand the reasons behind the denial and what options they may have available to them.  

  • City or Town where you applied for a firearms license;
  • The exact wording given on your denial letter for denying your application.  A copy of your letter is also very helpful;
  • Your full name and email address;
  • Any factual background or records you can give us relating to the reason you were denied
  • The exact disposition of any past criminal charges -- dismissed, continued without a finding, conviction. 

 These are all very important details that need to be evaluated in determining your options.

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