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PolitiFact are partisan liars.

Biden explicitly said, about “9-mm PISTOLS” that can fire large-capacity magazines: "I’m continuing to push to ELIMINATE the sale of those things."

House GOP was RIGHT when it said Biden wants to ban handguns. PolitiFact dishonestly added “all.”


.@HouseGOP said @JoeBiden "wants to ban handguns."

He doesn't. He wants to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Neither would touch the most popular handguns.

There is significant evidence that proves that concealed carry holders are less likely to commit a crime – in fact, allowing citizens to defend themselves decreases crime in general.

Good guy with a gun story out of… LA? No mention of whether victim had CA cart permit or not.

Filed our amicus brief today in SCOTUS for the NYSRPA carry case.

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