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.@MikeBloomberg: If it is so stupid to have a gun in your house, then why do you surround yourself with armed guards 24/7? You're a hypocrite. #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate

CNN's Brooke Baldwin just played Michael Bloomberg's Super Bowl ad dealing with gun control without mentioning the multiple misleading or false elements to the ad. Even called out the ad.

Congratulation to our friends in @VCDL_ORG. Still many bad things happening in VA, but this is a big win. Virginia lawmakers reject assault weapon ban - - @washtimes

@Matthew96129283 @StephenGutowski @Comm2A Meanwhile, in the UK, they are outlawing knives because after outlawing guns, crazy people are now murdering with knives.
Get it? Crazy people.

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