Legal Post Format (template)

Heading – Case Name or caption

Excerpt – Brief description of the case. 

Venue – e.g. Federal District Court

Date filed

Detailed paragraph or two outlining the issues – in a (p) tag

Status section – one to two sentenced.

Supreme Court October Term 2019

Every year the Supreme Court of the United States receives thousands of petitions asking the court to review and reverse decisions by lower federal and state courts.…

Morin v. Lyver

Challenge to  the lifetime ban on the issuance of a License to Carry to anyone convicted of a minor, non-violent misdemeanor if the offense involves a weapon or ammunition and where a term of imprisonment may be imposed.

Commonwealth (Ex. Rel. Powell) v. Holmes

False claims / RICO action against members of the Stoughton Police Department and Peter Dowd for the improper disposition of guns held by the police department in a way that defrauds the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Martel v. Healey

Challenge to the Massachusetts ban on the possession electronic self-defense weapons  

Worman v. Baker

Challenge to the Massachusetts law banning possession of so-called ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high-capacity’ magazines.

Gould v. Lipson

Challenge to firearms license restrictions that prohibit the possession, carrying, or use of firearms for personal protection

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