Morin v. Lyver

Challenge to the lifetime ban on the issuance of a License to Carry to anyone convicted of a minor, non-violent misdemeanor if the offense involves a weapon or ammunition and where a term of imprisonment may be imposed.

Commonwealth (Ex. Rel. Powell) v. Holmes

False claims / RICO action against members of the Stoughton Police Department and Peter Dowd for the improper disposition of guns held by the police department in a way that defrauds the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Martel v. Healey

Challenge to the Massachusetts ban on the possession electronic self-defense weapons  

Worman v. Baker

Challenge to the Massachusetts law banning possession of so-called ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high-capacity’ magazines.

Gould v. Lipson

Challenge to firearms license restrictions that prohibit the possession, carrying, or use of firearms for personal protection

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